All rooms have:
  • Great views
  • AC & Heat
  • Attached bathrooms
  • Single /double beds
  • Twin/triple occupancy (extra person rs 600 per night, with breakfast included)
  • Intercoms
  • Access to WI FI
  • Room service
  • Plenty of air and light
  • Lots of privacy
joy and happiness blue and comfortable ..a sharing courtyard with Aarti …first level..bay windows facing the hills ..quiet
worship with light..on the first level..amber colours ..with a large front facing verandah…sit and chill or do yoga ..on the other side a door to the common courtyard with an antique swing to relax in
selfless service ..seagreen shades on the floors..warm coloured curtains …Ac in case…a room with a view …large verandah facing the front or treat yourself to a cool drink …
pure light…the wonder of marble ..of light ..of space ..all finely put together to make you just go .oooh it feels so good
the morning.....On the third level, a room for the early riser greet the sunrise a stunning spacious special space ...for your body and mind to be in ..magical light fills the domed room from the marble grills all around all around to look out from ..a small verandah facing the hills .

The Third Floor of Dia contains the restaurant, Bada Bandar, and the Fourth level is the roof with the view - of the hills, the surrounding area ,the village …spectacular …and more parasols for getting the skin brown …